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For the automotive industry, the ability to accurately track employee time to the minute makes all the difference as it can literally amount to thousands in additional labor dollars, overtime, and payroll taxes each year for employers. The manner in which time keeping is recorded is pertinent for state compliance, but tracking time is not always as simple as it sounds.

That’s where EasyPunch comes in. With offices in Los Angeles and Irvine, California, EasyPunch brings innovation through easy-to-use solutions to the automotive industry. Founded in 2019, EasyPunch is the brainchild of Brandon Park and Kurt Smith who possess more than 40 years of combined automotive service, finance, sales and management, digital marketing and auto brokerage experience.

“We wanted to create something that would bring our industry one step closer to technological innovation and simplify what could be considered one of the most exasperating processes.” – Brandon Park and Kurt Smith.

The goal of EasyPunch is to eliminate errors in time keeping for all employees in a seamless manner, thus helping companies avoid thousands of dollars in overtime and lawsuit settlements. EasyPunch saves time by freeing up payroll staff, managers, and employees by significantly minimizing their role in the process of time keeping through:

• Geofencing with Google Maps
• Role-based access with designated department and managers assignments
• Daily reminders to perform required actions such as clock in/out and break start/end
• Manager escalations via notifications if required actions are not taken
• Daily certification of hours worked with digital consent form
• Push notifications from Payroll to employees
• Customizable admin dashboards
• Customizable employer reports
• Technical support

EasyPunch—a small investment that pays you back in so many ways.